Research Interests

My research interests include sociocultural factors impacting children and family health and the tailoring of early intervention programming to be responsive to family and cultural variables. I am drawn to health psychology and the integration of mental health into medical and primary care settings, and I believe this is particularly important for early intervention and early childhood development. I aim to decrease health disparities through my research and community-based work. I have a particular interest in prevention and intervention for community violence and weight-related problems (e.g., obesity, eating disorders, body dissatisfaction) with low-income and culturally diverse children and families.

I enjoy utilizing both quantitative and qualitative research designs.

Health Psychology & Wellness

Clinical health psychologists apply scientific knowledge of the biopsychosocial model to the prevention and treatment of illness and the promotion of health (Belar & Deardorff, 2009). Another goal is to improve the healthcare system.