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Current Research Projects

All Hands In

Youth Participatory Action Research

I have worked with youth in the Monterey area on a few different research projects, but most recently I worked with the Gonzales Youth Council on a youth participatory action project focused on emotional and academic wellness during  COVID-19. We gathered data from more than 300 middle school and high school students, and the results were used by the youth council to advocate for mental health resources in Gonzales. We are currently analyzing a follow-up survey and continuing our collaboration.

Published work related to this project:

Using Youth-Led Participatory Action Research to Advance the Mental Health Needs of Latinx Youth During COVID-19

Screen SPACE Wellness:

Questionnaire Development

Technology and social media are prominent in young people's lives. This project is a collaboration with

Dr. Nita Tewari and Dr. Oscar Rojas Perez to develop and test a questionnaire about screen and technology wellness among adolescents and young adults. This questionnaire is intended to have clinical and utility. SPACE is an acronym for Social, Physical, Academic, Cognitive, and Emotional Wellness.

Interracial Dialogues

To help support  racial justice efforts on campus, I  am a developer and co-facilitator of the IDEA (Interracial Dialogue, Equity, and Accountability) Program at CSUMB. My colleagues and I are working to evaluate and reflect on our work. We also are identifying next steps for moving the program forward. Research opportunities related to this project would be program evaluation.

Here is our 2022 publication:

Supporting Institutional Change through Interracial Dialogue Among Campus Leaders

I also conduct Research on Teaching & Learning
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