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Scholarship of

Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Dr. Christine Valdez and I have been working together on research investigating the impact of service learning on empathy, civic engagement, and other learning outcomes. We gathered mixed methods data from a large sample of majors and alumni (400 students), and we are using this research to help inform the development of a psychology-specific service learning curriculum at CSUMB.

Rebekah Newman  worked with us on Service Learning research from Spring 2017-May 2018, and she won first place at the 2018 CSU Research Competition with this project. She also presented at the 2018 APA Convention.

Dr. Valdez and I are currently collaborating on research evaluating  how virtual reality can be used as a teaching tool to improve empathic understanding and behavior.

Mentoring Ethnic and Racial Minority and First Generation Researchers

Working with undergraduate researchers during the book writing process was rewarding and inspiring. This experience launched a new area of research interest in the development of "scholar identity" among underrepresented students in academia. We presented as part of a symposium at the 2018 American Psychological Association Convention with Dr. Jeanett Castellanos and Dr. Kevin Nadal. We also published an article. This is an exciting new area of research and scholarship.

*Cabrera, J., *Gilmore, J. E., & Lovell, J. L. (2019). Scholar identity development: A book writing journey and tips for undergraduate mentors. Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research, 24, 113-126.


Lovell, J. L., *Luna, J., *Cabrera, J., *Carrillo, S., *Clark, N., *Hatch, J., & *Riquetti, D. (August, 2018). Feminist research mentorship with racial/ethnic minority and first-generation undergraduate students. Chair and presenter.


Co-Chair of Symposium entitled:

Shaping racial ethnic minority student scholarship: Effective models for writing and publication.

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